Artgoblin's Brewery
So, it was time for me to do some drawing exercising. I decided to start with something easy, so a straight edged object was the victim this time. Allthough it's not the most amazing drawing ever made, I think I got some practice out of doing this. It's been a long time since I've been active in drawing.

   I sketched out some helping lines, essentially ending up with a semi-cage of the object, this helped me in keeping the proportions and perspective in line. Then one thing I found really interesting was to focus on the most outer edges of the whole drawing, drawing them really strong and bold, then I'd go in and add in the details, then try to get some fuzzy shadows and shading.

   I think I'm going to choose a more challenging object to observe and draw next time, see if this little exercise was enough practise for me to go for a more softedged object.

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