Artgoblin's Brewery
Well... finally it's done and here it is. This is my first ever barely presentable demoreel. It has some kinks and quirks here and there, but all in all I'm fairly happy with it. I'm hoping it shows my best work as well as showing a wide variety of skillset. The reason I have never setup a video-portfolio before now is probably the fact that I have been lucky enough to have gotten work regardless, and fairly quick without having to market myself with anything more than my personality and some still images of my work. But today it seems it's more important then ever to stand out in the jobsearch, and in doing this demoreel I've started that process for myself.
   I found it hard to deside what was worth showing and what wasn't, but I think that was the absolutely hard part. But in doing so I also got to see more clearly what my strong sides are and on which areas I want to focus. Cutting the reel to a music track was essential for me, to get it done fast and with confidence.


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