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I never liked soccer, I played nintendo!
Picture fact, playing video games became my special talent as a kid. The downside of  this was that a game that was supposed to take about a month worth of hours to finish, took me a few days to play. My solution to this was simply learning how to create my own games. With deadly determination and the internet as my co-pilot, I managed to transform my most recent game at the time, "Unreal" (a first person shoot-em-up), into my own original adventure. I quickly found out that creating the levels and setting out the story-plot was much more fun than actually playing the games.

   Years later my sister gave me a book on creating digital 3d characters. One of the programs the book recomended was Newtek's "Lightwave 3D", wich I aquired and from there on I became a hobbyist in the field.
   I tried to study "architectural drawing" in a school in Reykjavík, but before I could finish the course I landed a job in Iceland's biggest arch-viz company. After working there for about 2 years of what I often refer to as slavery, I moved to Norway and applied for the 3DDA course at Noroff. I did some freelance work while I waited for school to start and felt that was a much more liberating way to work in the arch-viz sector than my previous experience.
   When school started it turned out that most of the course was pretty basic stuff. Nothing wrong with that, only that I allready knew most of it. So I spent that year trying to expand on and master all the basics. Taking each assignment as far as I could with just the tools we were supposed to use. That year... I don't regret at all. I came out of the 3DDA course with a rock-solid foundation of all the basics for creating within 3Dapplications, thus enabling me to work more confidently with my chosen creative tool.

   I went back to Iceland and got a job at one of the leading multimedia companies as an in-house 3D specialist. Working on a wide variaty of projects, but most importantly, working with some really great and talented people in other disciplines of grafix.
   Then, as a result of Iceland's failing econony, the company was forced to down-size. So here I am... back studying at Noroff, trying to learn something new and widen my perspective through the 3DFP course.
   I find that my influences come from just about everything I do and experience. Often my ideas come from taking a closer look at otherwise mundane and everyday things and situations. I must admit that I hold Pixar's storytelling style and ability in great respect, but I am more often pleasantly surprised by the artwork of freelancer's and hobbyist's.
   Through these years I have worked on a lot of different 3Dapplication's, both general-purpose and more specialised software. All in all the rule for me is to work with what I feel most comfortable with, but I don't want to give in to all this "my software is better than your software" crap. It's only a matter of chosing the best route to create, and i don't want to ignore some software just becouse it's not my favourate one. Ignorance can be a huge time-thief so better to keep an open mind I think.


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