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Ok... did more drawing. Like I had planned, I picked a more difficult object. This candleholder (or whatever the english call it) fell victim to my observative eye this time, and as the picture shows, I didn't get it right the first time around... not the second either. Third times the charm I guess.
   I started out pretty much the same as I had done with my previous drawing to day, but quickly ran into some problems when I was drawing the cage. Everywhere where the  details were dense, my drawing got all cluttered up and I swear I threw my pensil three or four times on the floor in frustration. Then I took a breather, coffee and a smoke, and thought hard and well on what the hell it was that I was doing wrong. First I thought I just didn't have any sense for drawing and my drawing capabilities would be described on my tombstone "he could  only draw items that kind'a had a box-like shape". Pretty lame thing to have on a tombstone I thought, so I thought harder about my predicament, and decided to google some still-life pensil drawings. There I quickly realized that I had been to focussed on drawing every edge, instead of shading them. And then  I stupidly  remembered that I had a whole wad of different pensils to choose from, so I found my softest one (6H in fact) and drew my grid without it screwing up my canvas.

   Again, I'm not the best with a pensil, but just by putting some thought into it, I managed  to better my work substantially in comparison at least.


10/27/2009 16:40

That is an awesome collage of drawings! Actaully like an animation already :)

I really like this observation post - nice work!


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