Artgoblin's Brewery
Hello my fellow "imaginers" (aka. nörds). This my digital journal from here on out, or untill I completely screw you over and switch to another url og something... something I'd only be doing to fuck with yer heads ;)

But not to worry, there should be plenty of interesting posts here, both in terms of articles, boring stuff about my life (no way that's going to happen, my life is way too interesting), and some cool photos of things I'd be making for school purposes or just plain fun and experimentation.... wich is kindof also a part of the learning process so yeah... I guess we could easily say that here everything will relate to graphics and storytelling.... so... you know... if that's a subject that interests you, you probably want to bookmark my digital brewery journal over here at weebly (thanks weebly for making such a simple and quick way for me to set up a webpage in 10 seconds).

....anywho's, share a cup of coffee with moi and... more to come later



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