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So... I watched a number of animations, all with their own style and agenda, and here's my take on them. By the way, if you want to watch the animations, just click on their titles, it should open up a link on youtube.
Dots, by Norman McLaren
   Makes me think of the old school abstract animations you'd see on children shows like Sesame Street and such.
   I like the raw style of  this animation, the simplicity of the forms used made the animation and motion graphics come out strong.
   I think this style should be seen more in children shows and I can also see it work well in music videos and as abstract animation art.

Fantasmagorie, by Emile Cohl
   Again it puts me in mind of the old school kid TV stuff.
   Like the simplicity of forms and how the animation is drawn, kind of too much noise and dirt going on in the animation, kindof distracting and taxing on the eyes.
   I'd like too see this kind of animation style in public servis announcements in the future, also could work well in advertisment.

Cafe Serre, by Vincent E Sousa, Bertrand Avril, Yann de Préval and DenisBouyer
   This is a very solid looking 3d Cartoon style animation.
   Liked this short animation very much, to the point, good animation and cinematography tell the whole story completely with out the use of spoken dialog.
   This is an animation style I can see used in all kinds of productions, but maybe the level of detail and work required to do this kind of animation makes it unproductive to use in the advertisement sector.

Pocoyo, by David Cantolla, Luis Gallego and Guillermo García Carsi
   Made me think of an japanese toy advertisement.
   A cartoon animation style that's simple but excagerated, only needing a little bit of narrative so the viewers are completely following the story. Like this style a lot.
   Think this style is perfect for product advertisement, and kid cartoons. Would actually love it if the goverment could make public service announcements that look like this !

Ryan, by Chris Landreth and Ryan Larkin
   The only thing I have seen in a similare style as this would have to be the movie "A Scanner Darkly" by Richard Linklater. But still it's such a unique and free animation style that I find it hard to compare it to anything else.
   I read an article review on this animated short a few months ago, had been planning on seeing it ever since, but always forgot about it. Even that article hadn't prepared me for this fine piece of art. The way it makes use of an so many different narrative styles and how the art direction is just... how to put it.... completely out of this world, but still it somehow it all fits together. To put it lightly, I am super-impressed by this film. I could spend a whole book's worth of pages writing about how brilliant this film is in detail. But I won't, mostly to save space and time, and also becouse I think this is a film that needs to be interperated by each viewer in his own way.
   I can only see this kind of style in animation and narrative storytelling be used as a piece of art, and I doubt that anyone will ever make something that will look or feel similare enough, this animation stands on it's own and in it's own division. Not that I don't think people won't create anything that's greater than this, but it will be in it's own style.

Cyber Evolution, by Zennor Alexander
   Seen this style in music videos and abstract short animations before.
   It's a cool take on evolution theory, but I find the short too cluttered up in weird destructive post-production effects that I really don't feel are giving anything to the storytelling or animation. Feels like a lazy-man's fix. But I guess others may disagree with me on that point, so it's all a matter of personal opinion I guess.
   Again, I can't see this style in many other things than music videos and short animated abstract art or effects.

Toyota / APT Prod, by Gimpville
   Well... this is an effect shot, the type you'd see used in commercials, motion pictures and other media.
   I like the idea to production on this one. Not the best looking ad I've ever seen, but it works. Always nice to see people try to come up with new ways to get a message across.
   Again... this is a style that can be used in most medias in the future. But especially commercials.


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